This is my first blog post as an author in the sisterhood of Soulmate Publishing! I admire each of you and your power with words! Congratulations! My book, The Feria, will be out Feb. 22, and as I realize this, it still seems like a dream. Not only did a very special editor bless me a chance, but I actually finished writing a book!

     I got asked the other day how I find time for writing. Of course, the asker knows a little bit about my life. I am married to a wonderful man, and together, in our humble home, we have five kids. My “bonus” kids are 19 and 16. Next comes our beautiful son, age 5, and last but definitely not least, and not at all quiet, the double trouble twins, age 2. And let’s not forget the doggy who also thinks she is one of our children. You could not make her believe she was a dog if you tried.

     Okay… back to “how do you find time for writing?” Well, I could say that truthfully, I never stop writing! I mean really, when you’re a lover of writing, it’s an all-day love affair. Who doesn’t wash dishes or fold laundry while your characters keep living in in full action in your mind? Who doesn’t sit at their computer at work and resist the temptation to open the word document that contains your precious manuscript, and promise yourself you’ll only write for five minutes? What lover of writing doesn’t volunteer at their child’s kindergarten class when a lightning bolt of an idea hits them, one so strong they have to take out their phone and text it to themselves so they won’t forget? And who of us doesn’t keep that precious gem of a notebook, that running notebook, the one that follows us into the kitchen, the car, and even to our bedside in case an idea hits us with a second’s notice.

     But as for the sit-down and actually write strategy, well, I guess I would say that I’ve mastered the art of sleep deprivation. Ha! But truthfully, I have found that some of my best ideas, surges in scenes and dialogue, plots and solutions, come from night-writing.

     While I eye that laptop all day, and I would love to pick it up and type out everything my characters have been dabbling in all morning, sometimes I just can’t. But I’ll tell you what. Night-writing is my prize. I work twice a week teaching English, and all day, every day in the hustle and bustle of daily living, just knowing that once playtime and homework are over, once the kids are fed, bathed and in bed, once papers are graded, I’ll be planted in my bed, laptop on my lap, a nice tea by my side. I’ll write my minutes, hours away, lose myself.

     Only a few rules supersede night-writing, and they are rules that can pre-exist and then suddenly exist, depending on any given situation. I won’t write when my kids are sick. I won’t write on my husband’s days off, because although he’d want me to since he is home to help, he should know that time with him is also a prize. Otherwise, I’ve got a pretty good schedule going, and it helps that my mind is going all day, so it’s all a flood of ideas at night.

      I especially love night-writing because it’s me time. While I wouldn’t change a thing, I love my life, God, my family, I am reminded how much I appreciate balance and “me-time-night-writing,” as I attempt to finish this blog entry and one of my babies has woken up and is pushing the lap top out of his way and climbing into my arms.  Blog finished in the nick-of-time. Submit. See you tonight, laptop!



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