Ann Curry Leaving ‘Today?’ No Way!!

     A lot can happen in a year, and apparently, 365 days unleashed a downward spiral for “Today” host, Ann Curry.

     Curry took over last year for Meredith Vieira, who left the “Today Show” last summer. And let’s just say it, in the opinion of many, the show hasn’t been the same since its longtime queen, Katie Couric left in 2006 after 15 years.

     I mean, it’s like whiplash… suddenly viewers are slammed against the windshield with Couric’s departure, then Vieira comes along to play for a little bit (of course no one can blame her for leaving, as family is most important), but her cameo and departure, while not quite slamming viewers into the windshield,  gave viewers the feeling of another fender bender. Then comes Curry, who is given the esteemed slot with all the perks, but also along with the inconsistency that has loomed over the position. Viewers have been left with this left turn, right turn, already cranked up from the continuous rebounding of co-anchors.

     So my question is this… Is Ann Curry really the problem? Or is she just a victim of what’s come before her… Longtime queen bee exiting and the quick turnaround of Vieira because of her husband’s health, neither circumstance meaning any harm to Curry’s attempt at the helm, but inevitably dooming her.

     I mean we’ve loved Curry before, and she’s always been our darling. In fact, the minute Couric announced her departure, I was certain the slot would be given to Curry. I believe that had she been given the slot after Couric, not only would they have had an anchor who already had several years with the show, but one who would have persisted and eased viewers into a new era. We were already friendly with her.

     Well… that’s my humble opinion on the situation. No matter the outcome, I wish Ann Curry well, and I know she’ll tackle many new successes. But in the meantime, til’ she has signed off for the final time, #saveanncurry!


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