What do you know? A love triangle! Come meet my characters!

     First love is beautiful… until it’s stolen. How would you react if you suddenly came face to face 20 years later with the love you thought you’d lost? Come meet my characters from The Feria for the scoop!

      Before we get into this love triangle, let me introduce you to my characters in The Feria, so their story will make more sense.


  • Soledad is our gal. She is sweet, young, innocent, and passionately in love with a boy named Xavier. But her father will never let that be. He’s got bigger plans for her on the U.S. side of the border, and that’s to marry her off to a banker so that the family’s agricultural fortune can be saved by this rich banker.


  • Xavier is your guy if you like blue-collar chiseled men. He’s our attractive and hardworking feria boy. Well, in his early 20s, he’s actually a young man more than a boy. He cleans up after animals and runs some of the attractions at the feria. He fell in love with Soledad the minute he saw her at his pony corral. He also works for the grocer in Mexico when the feria is not up and running.


  • Emmanuel is someone we don’t like very much. He is the loaded banker who basically bribed Soledad’s father into giving him Soledad’s hand in marriage with the promise of rescuing the father’s failing cherry farm.


  • Abril is Soledad’s daughter… So that means that she’s got two possible fathers… I’ll give you a hint… she’s a love-child… and Emmanuel thinks she’s his child. You sneaky Soledad…


  • Alex is a young man who Emmanuel met on a train along with the young man’s father… guess who… Xavier!! Crummy Emmanuel had no idea who this Xavier fellow really was, and Xavier, of course, had no idea that this was the wretched Emmanuel who is precious Soledad was married off to. That’s the beauty of two decades at work, people! The men strike up a conversation. Xavier is now far from the feria worker we last knew. Now he’s an oil tycoon, and Emmanuel, of course, sees dollar signs… so what does the guy do… well, he sets up his pretty little daughter on a blind date with Alex. Tun tun tunnnnn…

      Stay tuned for my next blog! It’s an excerpt from the awkward moment when the families of the kids come together to officially meet… well obviously… since Alex will be there, so will his dad, Xavier… and since Abril will be there, so will her mom, Soledad. Two long-lost lovers suddenly in the SAME room. Is that fate at work, or what?!

     Oh my… but now we’ve got siblings who don’t really know they are related… calm down everyone. I’ll give you another hint… they’re not siblings!! Phewsh!

      See you soon!


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