When you have a passion for something, it never feels like work. In fact, you wish you could invent hours in the day that you could dedicate just to that passion.

     That’s what it’s like for writers. We pain ourselves over every sentence, pick our brains for the best descriptive words we can finally feel satisfied in using, we edit with a magnifying glass, revise, reject, re-do, submit, cross fingers, cry, try again…

      We have conversations in our head between our characters, envision what our next chapter will look like, and pine for our laptops. If we get a light-bulb of an idea, we write on the first kind of paper we can find whether it’s an envelope or a gas receipt…

      We live in an alternate world, we research, ask questions, name characters after the people we hold dear, we read books by other authors to learn from them, if we can afford it, we treat ourselves to conferences (!!)…

     When we’re on a writing role, we order out or feed our kids peanut butter and jelly… we forget to use the restroom, or drink some water… We think of plots and twists and turns and happily ever-afters…

     We cheer on our writer friends and network with them from afar, creating friendships and bonds, and support systems… And let’s not even get into marketing strategies when our little babies are ready for publication.

     It’s a circus, and we’re the star. Writing is beautiful. It’s an addiction, but a good one. My family took a vacation this past week. Three hours out of San Antonio, and only 45 minutes into my turn driving, I got pulled over for speeding.

     “Do you have an emergency, maam?”

     “No, sir. I just wasn’t monitoring my speed.”

     The truth was that I was in an all-out daydream of my latest work-in-progress. It all came together on the drive to San Antonio, and it sat on my mind the entire trip. It gave me butterflies everytime I thought of myself typing away at the laptop.

     When you have a passion for something, it never feels like work… in fact, not even the excitement of vacation could stand up to my need to write.

 The real work comes in avoiding the indulgence when you just can’t get to it. My name is Julia Bade, and I’m a writing addict. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Addict

  1. Terrific post. You nailed the feelings. That’s why we write, we never stop loving it, not to mention the stories that crowd our mind as they push to get free.
    Hope your vacation was wonderful. Sorry to hear about the ticket though.

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