How I Write from a Perspective I Know Nothing About

         How do you write from a perspective you don’t know? Well obviously, my first response would be to research compulsively, and of course, talk to people close to the experience you’re after. But when that’s all said and done, what is it that actually carries you over the finish line? I say it’s your very own experience.

     “But I thought this blog was about how to write when you’re in the position of not knowing the perspective you are writing from.”

     Well, my friend, you find a way to relate it!

     When I began writing The Baby Symphony, an array of emotions swept through me: The joy of motherhood, how it felt learning I was pregnant, hearing my son’s heartbeat, holding him in my arms for the first time, hearing his cry… But then another emotion crept into the picture… guilt. How could I represent a character struggling through miscarriages and tears of failed motherhood when I was so joyous? How could I do her justice? How could I get the very emotion I sought after down on paper?

     While I was already blessed to be a stepmother, when my husband and I decided we wanted to have an “ours” baby, I stopped taking my birth control pills instantly. Month one… negative… month two… negative. Month three… POSITIVE! And with that second little line that appeared, my life changed! And while I cried and kicked a can around or sat in a corner with my arms folded and a scowl on my face everytime I got a negative, I only briefly empathized with the woman in my shoes who had probably faced several months or even years of heartbreak after failing to become pregnant or to carry her children full-term.

     When I realized how quickly, in fact, that I did get pregnant, well, that’s where the guilt came in. Again I asked, how could I write from the perspective of a grieving woman, when I was blessed not only with my first child, but two years later twins and getting the opportunity to already be a stepmom to boot?

      Well, that’s when the power of my motherhood emotion came in. I imagined my life without these beautiful children, these children who are the very reason I wake up and live each day. While the happiness of being a mother is so immense that words (as much as I love them), would never do justice, only the thought of not being a mother to my children was equally great, the pain of even imagining it so unfathomable.

     When I grasped this unspeakable feeling, I ran with it. I poured the strength of these very emotions into giving birth to another soul. Her name is Emilia.

     While I only started to look for a home for my current manuscript, I hope to share Emilia’s journey with you very soon. She is beautiful, loving, kind, and strong. And while she is a character who came from my mind, she actually came from my very heart. When my manuscript was complete, I was sad to say good-bye to her, but the lessons she taught me are unforgettable. It’s no wonder why I had to give her a happy-ending.

     I dedicate this book to those I love dearly, to those whose friendships I hold sacred, you beautiful women, who are dealing with this very struggle. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Thank you for opening your heart to me. Your trials have devastated me, and your triumphs have overjoyed me.

     That said, here is a glimpse of my new book, The Baby Symphony. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear your feedback!


     If the miscarriages don’t kill Emilia Hyatt, a broken-heart will… but through her trials in family planning with her soul mate, she’ll learn that life can be bliss, even when your hopes and dreams miss the mark.

     Once upon a Christmas with a baby growing inside of her and her hot lawyer husband, Devin, by her side, Emilia, a successful musician, felt that everything in life was attainable and anything was possible.

     A simple girl who habitually tags classical symphony pieces to the strongest of her life moments, Emilia loves a cold Dr. Pepper, her violin, and especially her husband. And while she suffered at the hands of her own mother, she now finds herself ready to become one, but she’s forced to watch her dreams grow further and further from her grasp with three miscarriages only a few years apart.

     The bitter loss that continues to test the strength of her marriage, and friendships forged with the unlikeliest of characters, all take Emilia’s life into a direction that might just be exactly where she needs to go.

     My character-driven story, The Baby Symphony, is a realistic and sensual contemporary romance taking us into the life of Emilia Hyatt, as she journeys through great loss, grief, surprising friendships, and the saving power of love, as she fumbles through the intensity of emotions in trying to start a family.




4 thoughts on “How I Write from a Perspective I Know Nothing About

  1. The Baby Symphony sounds enthralling. A book with so much of your intense emotions entangled in it has to be a phenomenal read and one I look forward to reading. You have another winner.

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