Hey, You! Quit Musterbating!

I honestly have to say that I often feel unrested about all I failed to accomplish or all that I have on my plate that NEEDS to get done. I think we ALL musterbate and probably more often than we should.

What is Musterbating exactly? According to the handy Urban Dictionary online, Musterbation is a term coined by Albert Ellis, a behaviorist, to describe the tendency to think that certain things “must” occur or “must” be done. It has got to be absolute, with little or no room for failure.

I must get my book published. I must land an agent. I must wash the car, I must write 4,000 words today.I must get all A’s in graduate school. I must make that meeting for PTA. I must have a child of my own to be happy. I must avoid those extra calories today.

As you…

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