When a Burden Comes a’ Calling

When a Burden Comes a’ Calling

     I sit here tonight very pensive under my covers with my laptop at my knees. I interviewed another friend tonight for my WIP, “The Baby Symphony.” I had not had the privilege of hearing her amazing story until tonight. I am 50,000 words into my manuscript and feel the overpowering sense that this book has so much more to say. Her journey to have a baby was one paved in tears, sadness, lost faith, and hopelessness, until one day… her life would finally be complete. I sat there at her cousin’s 7th birthday party, activity buzzing all around us, but I was immune to it. I was utterly fixated on her words, her eyes, her story. I watched her two young daughters zipping around the pizza place, and I was completely enamored. I will spend the rest of the night and probably into the morning with my WIP, with a deep burden, to do justice to these precious women’s stories, their very fingerprints in every part of this writing journey.

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