Edits & a Writing Workshop, all in one…

Here’s a great opportunity for writers!

Noble Expressions

I realized something recently… I love teaching others how to write. Not telling them how, mind you…that’s different. But rather, explaining the rules, giving examples, and showing authors how a few simple changes or rearrangement of words can make a sentence work harder. There are so many great storytellers out there. Writers who can spin a yarn and create vibrant, three-dimensional characters. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few. They’ve managed to capture my attention, but they needed help with the mechanics. These are the stories I’ve most enjoyed editing, so I’ve decided to switch things up a bit.

Are you working on a story and want to know how you’re doing?

Getting ready to submit to a publisher but aren’t certain your story is clean enough?

Need someone to polish your prose?

I’ll provide you with useful tips on how to improve your writing, not just a…

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