Confessions of a Baseball Nut

Hi. My name is Pamela Gibson and this is my first post.

My favorite season arrives at the end of March. Full of hoopla and hype, Major League Baseball takes over the sports channels, bringing crotch-scratching, spit-spewing, dirt-kicking behemoths right into our living rooms. And I love ‘em all.

My team is the San Francisco Giants—winner of three World Series in five years. The last few years have been a trial, but we die-hard fans stick with our teams hoping for a year of good, injury-free pitching and lots of home runs.

I love Oracle Park, right downtown next to the marina. It’s a landmark when cruising in by boat, the lights of the stadium visible from across the bay on a clear night. I love the sound of a splash ball—a home run that soars over the wall into McCovey Cove where fans in boats and kayaks scurry like…

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I want to write a book


I often give workshops on writing and publishing to a standing room only audience filled with hopeful faces of those just getting started.

When the workshop ends, I’ll always have a few who wait patiently through all the goodbyes to have a word with me.

“I want to start writing a book!” They’ll exclaim with a look of determination that instantly turns to defeat. “But I don’t know how to get started.”

Well, the truth is, there’s only one way to get started: START.

Writing a book often feels daunting because aspiring writers often see it just as that. Sitting down and writing it from the “Once upon a time” all the way through character development and plot twists, to “And they lived happily ever after.” Oh! And don’t forget proofreading, editing, beta readers, more editing…

But honestly, writing a book is more than that. It’s laying awake at night…

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HEARTBEAT, my new fantasy romance, has its own Pinterest board! Come get lost in colorful images of Greek gods, The Underwold, unique jewelry, night life, awesome music and some gorgeous muses! Click here to visit:

Keep reading if you want to get familiar with the book! 🙂 ❤️ Julia


Andre, a punished servant of Hades is forced to acquire souls on earth to appease his sentence, but he falls for a college cheerleader named Dalia, who exposes feelings and actions that threaten his existence and soon hers. Dalia can’t figure out who the “new guy” on the cheer team is, but she wants nothing to do with him. Mostly because she’s mad hot for him. After a broken heart both romantically and from a more personal place involving her best friend’s small daughter, she isn’t ready to give up what’s left of her heart anyway. But one night of partying reveals too much and soon, neither one of them can ignore the longing stirring between them and are sucked into a world of love, danger, death, and some of the most difficult choices they’ll have to make. -HEARTBEAT by Julia Bade