Six Sentence Sunday!

     I love me some Six Sentence Sundays! Here are a few lines from yet another WIP of mine… still untitled, but I’m sure it will come to me.

     Here you’ll find an Angel of Light named Jacob, who is hopelessly in love with a college professor named Dalia. There’s just something about her soul that calls out to him, as if she were beyond a simple human.

     Jacob has interrupted an altercation between Dalia and her violent ex-fiancé, and she’s been shot because of it.

     In this book, when someone is in between life and death, the angels of light and darkness come together to barter over a soul. Can it be saved, or is it beyond hope? One angel must always concede.

     It looks pretty grim for poor Dalia, and now, her dying soul has summoned Sebastian, the Angel of Darkness and Jacob’s counterpart. The bartering must begin. Those are the rules. But Sebastian obviously seems to have other plans for his new find.

     Can Jacob stand to lose his true love, the woman who holds his soul? Or will he fight to the death against a manipulative Sebastian, throwing the balance of both human and supernatural out of balance, commencing a heavy consequence on both?


Ok… I’m going to cheat a little. Let’s say this is actually Six (Plus a few) Sentence Sunday, okay?  🙂



     “It’s not her time!” Jacob shouted. “I intervened, and she was shot!”

     “That matters not,” Sebastian sang with a smile, shaking a finger at his counterpart. “She is on the brink of death now, and if you deny her a border event, she’ll be damned with the Unwanteds. You know that.”

     Sebastian held out his hand over Dalia, and a light began to illuminate, much like a flashlight. He studied the bleeding wounds in her chest and then slowly raised his hand over her face. “Oh, my. She’s quite lovely.” With his other hand, he brushed his fingers through her hair.

     Jacob cringed, and the hairs on his arms stood up.


Thanks for reading! I’m at about 20,000 words with this guy! I have a very good idea of where it’s going, and I can’t wait to share it with you!