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Hello Sweet Stepmom Sisterhood!

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself to you and tell you a little bit about my new e-book, The Feria.

My name is Julia Bade, and I am a stepmom in Texas who adores my blended family! I’m a lover of God, family, reading, writing and Dr. Pepper! I have contributed a few articles to Stepmom Magazine over the last year, and I LOVE the magazine, as I’m sure you do! It has been a resource of support, I have found a second family in my stepmother friends, or as I like to call them, my stepmom sisters, and I have found an outlet for stress in being able to write articles for the magazine. It has saved me in so many ways!

   (First Dance)

 I know the ups and downs of stepmotherhood, and have seen moments of great beauty, as well as the moments of great sadness that can come along with the trials and tribulations of getting a family together and getting it encircled with love and acceptance. But I’ve learned that family is family NO MATTER WHAT, and the hardest of times are only the knots that tie our family even closer together.

 Speaking of my family, why don’t I introduce them to you: My husband Eddie and I have five children running around our house!! Benny is 20 and he is a good-looking kiddo and a yell leader at his university. He’s about to enter his JUNIOR YEAR! Alexa is 17, will be a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR THIS YEAR (!), is getting ready for driver’s ed next week, just got yearbook editor at her school, and is like a momma hen to our younger terrors! Speaking of them… Eddie THE THIRD is almost 6! He prefers that I say this. He’s lost his first tooth. I still remember his little one-tooth grin when he was a baby! That very tooth was the first one gone! *Sniff* He will be a first-grader this year and is smart as a whip! The twins, Andrew and Daniel are 3! They keep me busy ALL DAY with their double trouble. Double Trouble is not a myth. It exists. They accomplish things that sometimes leave my mouth wide open, including rearranging furniture.



 Through all the craziness and fun that caring for a family can bring, somehow last summer I wrote a book! My stepmother sisterhood is very special to me, so I wanted to take this time to connect especially with you about it! I’m also doing a special giveaway to two lucky commenters!


 If you’re looking for an easy read with all the elements that come together for a whirlwind love story, then you’ll enjoy the tension, victory, uncertainty, vindication and of course, some very tender loving moments in The Feria!


     Opening in 1941, THE FERIA is a stunning tale of two countries, where we find Soledad, a smart, educated Mexican-American girl readying for Stanford. But when her father’s cherry empire suffers as a result of WWII, he forces her into marriage with Emmanuel, a wealthy banker meant to save the family’s agricultural empire.

     Her father’s betrayal takes her far from school and from hopes and dreams of a happily ever after with her true love, a feria worker named Xavier.

      One last goodbye with Xavier would have to be enough, but ends up gifting Soledad with a beautiful daughter, a secret lovechild she would raise with her husband Emmanuel for the next two decades… Until fate would use her very own daughter to intervene.

     The Feria is a daring love story dancing on both sides of the border, intricately written around Mexican and American cultures and the great uncertainty and great rewards that come with love.


How does that sound? 

Here is some back story behind my book. First and foremost, my character, Soledad is named for my sweet and precious grandmother, who I miss every day. I’m not sure how she’d feel knowing I put her in a romance novel *snicker* but either way, I hope she’s proud…

 …When I was a little girl, every summer I’d wait on pins and needles to hear the words: The feria is in town. The feria is the Mexican word for a fair, or carnival-type event. While I had no idea how to measure exactly when it would arrive, I only knew that once school was out for summer, the feria came shortly thereafter. Next to no school, it was the next best part of summer.

Our feria took place in our sister city, Juarez, Mexico. While we lived in Texas, neighboring Mexico was literally only minutes away. Rides, vendors, foods, dancing, music, treats, and of course, the tapestry of people there made the event unforgettable.

 The last year I attended was 2000, with the man who would become my husband. I was a fresh-faced 20-something with the energy that came in bounds, a brand-spankin’ new college degree, and a gorgeous man by my side. Needless to say, just like my character, Soledad, the feria holds very special meaning to me.

 About this time last year, I found a photo of two much younger, much more energetic looking people, my then boyfriend and myself (now parents of 5!), one we took that very night in 2000 at the feria, and my romance story began to spark and plug itself together. Within a month, it was written, accepted by a publishing house in New York, edited meticulously by yours truly, and now here it is!

   (Our first Feria together)


I really hope you enjoyed visiting with me today! If you’d like to learn more about my book or read my favorite excerpts, visit me at My blog!

Now it’s your turn! Please say hello in the comments section! I’d love to meet you and I’d love to hear your stepmom story and why you love Stepmom Magazine!

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Hugs! Julia

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